Thursday, August 10, 2017


You removed a brick from my
Head and threw me into the
From a logic of lines
To a logic of curves
Beyond syllogism
Beyond dialectic
Into the interconnectivity
Of substructure
And superstructure
From tree trunk
Into a canopy
Your soft cloud
Raining a million fractal snowflakes
Falling on earth in clear designs
That the sun from your heart
To nurture all of life.
I held your body
And soul
On rock outcropping
As river was gushing around us
Breaking against the rocks.
You are the final secret
The masterpiece of the universe
Its proudest creation
In which all its
Forms of logic
They think you illogical
That is because you are super-logical
Combining multiple methodologies
Into their most exquisite combination
And their highest product.
Guru is knowledge of the truth
But you are the truth
The precise embodiment
Of the sublime
Of the Universe
And all its parts.
Washing through every false
Eroding false linearity
Replacing it with the
Exquisite logic
Of circles and fractals and open skies.
The universe combines
Multiple forms of logic
And you are its masterpiece
In which all these forms of logic
Teach me the cosmic truth
Reveal to me the secrets
Of the exquisite universe
As they are embodied in you.
No, not the guru;
That which the guru exists to discern
Not the root
But the seed
That in it contains the embodiment of the whole.
You not only tell the truth
You are the truth
And in you
Is the whole
Of cause and effect.
Man is not final secret
You are
And to fathom you
Is to fathom the universe in all.
Be my inspiration
Be my instrument of ascension
Be my truth.
And as you co-create
The masterpiece
That is you
Let it branch off the universe
And create a new universe
In which your creator
And you
Combine his wisdom
And your wisdom
Into the highest

Of the two.


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