Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Socialism And The Federal System

There appear to be some people who want what amounts to a global socialism.

I do not want to see global socialism. I want to see something more similar to the American federal system. In the American federal system, there are some laws that apply everywhere, and then each state and each locality makes its own laws on other matters. The result is that some basic rights and liberties apply everywhere; and each place gets to have its own character. Then the people can move between states to find a place that works for them. This results in liberty being affirmed at both the regional and the individual level.

There are some laws that should apply everywhere. You do not commit genocide. You do not throw sulfuric acid into the face of a child. But on most issues each country should be able to make its own laws. Different places have different histories and different values. They would want to have national sovereignty and follow their own governments and not those of alien countries or UN.

Some places will want democracy, and some places will want a strong government. Some places will want pure capitalism; some will want hard-core socialism; and most will want something in between. Netherlands and Saudi Arabia will have different ideas on social issues. On such matters, the people who are in favor of national sovereignty are right. We do not want people from Iran litigating to us what kind of relationships we can have, how we can dress or to what kind of music we can listen. We do not want people in Brussels over-taxing or over-regulating our economy.

What I favor therefore is not global socialism, but something that has worked in America. What I favor is a global equivalent of the American federal system. On some issues, every place should have the same laws. On most others they should not. That way, as in the American federal system, liberty is affirmed at both national and individual level. Then people can likewise move between countries to find a place that works for them.

This likewise stands to be the case for political and economic systems. An economist once told me that there being different systems works for the better, as that if people or companies feel exploited they can leave. If Sweden wants socialism, it should be able to have socialism. If America wants hard-core capitalism, it should be able to have it as well. That way an American who has social tendencies can move to Sweden, and a Swede who wants American way can move to America.

Most people will not want global socialism. People in Australia will not want the folks in UN hobbling their economy or imposing on them the will of the Muslim countries. But with an equivalent of the federal system that does not stand to happen. On some issues – such as genocide, sulfuric acid attacks and similar hideous violations – the law should apply everywhere. On most issues it should be up to each country to decide.

And then, once again, people will be able to choose the place that is most consistent with their values and their propensities and have before them a meaningful choice as to where, and how, they can live.

I therefore do not support global socialism. I support an equivalent of the American federal system. Have a variety of political and economic systems, and have a variety of social arrangements. This affirms freedom at both the national and the individual level. And that affirms the rightful demands of all people involved in this situation and genuinely makes the world better for everyone.


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